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Cold appetizers

Charcuterie and cheese selection

Domestic prosciutto, truffle sausage, cheese with mediterranean herbs, young cow cheese, goat cheese with truffles, olives, dried cherry tomatoes

115,00 kn


Veal tartare

Dried figs, hazelnuts, anchovy butter

80,00 kn


Fresh, smoked and cooked

Langoustine ceviche with mango and chilli, smoked mackerel with pickled fennel, octopus with pico de gallo salsa

75,00 kn


Squid with cold tomato „šalša“

Mesclun, capers, squid ink tuile

75,00 kn



With coconut milk and chilly

Florets with turmeric, almond flakes

55,00 kn


Sweet potato and apple soup with curry

Granny Smith chips, peanut gremolata

50,00 kn

Hot appetizers


Champignons, dried porcini, fresh black truffles, almond flakes

95,00 kn


Cuttlefish black risotto

Ginger, fennel and turmeric cream, Grana Padano crisp

90,00 kn

Homemade caramelle with langoustine

Prošek and honey sauce, Lavender

115,00 kn

Main dishes

Interpretation of dalmatian „peka“

Seabass, squid, octopus, blue potato, salmoriglio

120,00 kn

John dory fillet & mussels

Vegetable broth with saffron

115,00 kn


File mignon

Truffle flavored polenta, port jus, fresh black truffle, cafe de paris butter

180,00 kn


„BLT “ beef burger

Crispy bacon, caramelised onions, lettuce, tomatoes, chill mayo, wedges potato

90,00 kn

Pulled pork

Salad bouquet, pickles, reduced gravy, wedges potato

80,00 kn



Wild berry coulis, seasonal fruit

35,00 kn


White chocolate and coffee parfait

Hazelnuts, mango cream

45,00 kn

Ginger and lemon sponge

Chocolate ganache, rosemary flavored yogurt

45,00 kn

List of Drinks

White wines
0.75 l0.1 l
Pošip Matuško160.00 kn25.00 kn
Adžić graševina165.00 kn27.00 kn
Malvazija Coronica195.00 kn33.00 kn
Saint Hills Mala Nevina210.00 kn34.00 kn
Chardonay Degrassi235.00 kn36.00 kn
Saint Hills Frenchie Sauvignon245.00 kn38.00 kn
Grk Žure270.00 kn
Jako Stina Pošip290.00 kn45.00 kn
Grgić Pošip310.00 kn
Saint Hills Nevina345.00 kn
Chateau D’yquem Sauterne (2011)4590.00 kn
Croatian red wines
0.75 l0.1 l
Bogondon160.00 kn28.00 kn
Duboković 2718195.00 kn31.00 kn
Rak Babić215.00 kn32.00 kn
Degrassi Merlot225.00 kn34.00 kn
Degrassi Cabernet Sauvignon250.00 kn39.00 kn
Saint Hills Plavac Mali black260.00 kn40.00 kn
Jako Stina Plavac Mali Barrique275.00 kn42.00 kn
Matuško Dingač305.00 kn49.00 kn
Pribidrag Crljenak330.00 kn
Gracin Babić380.00 kn
Saint Hills Sveti Roko Plavac Mali395.00 kn
Grgich Zinfandel Kalifornijski445.00 kn
Saint Hills Dingač620.00 kn
Matuško Royal730.00 kn
Duboković Medvid850.00 kn
Matuško Superior1590.00 kn
Red wines international
0.75 l0.1 l
Gaja Da Gromis Barolo (2010)890.00 kn
Ornellaia (2011)1990.00 kn
Gaja Barbaresco (2012)2490.00 kn
Vega Sicilia Unica (2003)3290.00 kn
Chateau Cheval Blanc (2006)7590.00 kn
Rosé wines
0.75 l0.1 l
Noda Rosé160.00 kn25.00 kn
Galić Rosé175.00 kn28.00 kn
Senjković Spoža Rosé 195.00 kn30.00 kn
Saint Hills Rosé270.00 kn40.00 kn
0.75 l0.1 l
Moët & Chandon Imperial745.00 kn110.00 kn
Veuve Clicquot820.00 kn125.00 kn
Moët & Chandon ICE870.00 kn
Moët & Chandon Rosé990.00 kn
Veuve Clicquot Rosé1100.00 kn
Dom Pérignon2390.00 kn
KRUG2900.00 kn
Dom Pérignon Magnum4900.00 kn
Armand de Brignac4900.00 kn
Dom Pérignon Rosé5300.00 kn
KRUG Rosé5300.00 kn
Armand de Brignac Rosé7900.00 kn
Sparkling wines
0.75 l0.1 l
Freixenet Negro180.00 kn35.00 kn
Freixenet Rosé220.00 kn40.00 kn
Tomac Millennium250.00 kn40.00 kn
Tomac Rosé280.00 kn45.00 kn
Dessert wines
0.1 l
Dešković Muškat Momjanski38.00 kn
Hektorović prošek49.00 kn

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